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H220 - Student Athletics and Activities

Policy H220: Student Activities and Athletics

It is the Hancock School Committee’s desire to offer Hancock Grammar School students student activities and athletics that provide diverse, developmentally appropriate opportunities and encourages student participation.  At the same time, the School Committee recognizes that resources may not be available to fund all of the programs in which students and the community have an interest.  In order to provide students with meaningful experiences while maintaining high quality, sustainable programs, the School Committee adopts this policy governing sponsorship of Hancock Grammar School activities and athletics.

Student activities and athletics are designed to supplement the academic program.  Students are expected to meet academic responsibilities first, before participating in an event.  Specifically, students must attend school on the day of a practice or event in order to be allowed to participate, unless an exception has been approved in advance by the Principal.  In addition, students participating in inter-school activities are ambassadors for the school and as such, must demonstrate exemplary behavior.  The Principal will establish behavior and academic standards for participation. 

Through sponsorship, the Hancock School Department assumes responsibility for, and control of, a particular program.  Sponsorship requires School Committee approval.  The Hancock School Department assumes responsibility only for those programs the School Committee has designated as school-sponsored.

Sponsorship does not mean that funding will be provided in whole or in part through the School Department’s budget.  Sponsorship is required even for activities that may be funded in full by booster organizations.

Sponsorship is required before any student activity or athletic team may represent itself using the school name, to be eligible for league play and tournament participation, or to be eligible for school awards.

The School Committee establishes the following process for the sponsorship of student activities and athletic programs.

A.   Criteria for Sponsorship

The Principal shall be responsible for developing a process for evaluating potential programs and assessing the viability of existing programs.  The process shall take into consideration the following criteria:

1.     Student body interest;

2.     Community interest;

3.     Gender equity;

4.     Impact on facilities;

5.     Impact on existing programs;

6.     Impact on administration and staff;

7.     Expenses;

8.     Availability of competition;

9.     Potential to field competitive teams; and

10.  Availability of funds, consideration of extraordinary costs (e.g., rental of facilities, transportation, specialized equipment), and other relevant data.

B.    Approval of New Programs

Sponsorship of all new programs must be approved in advance.  The Principal shall be responsible for making recommendations to the School Committee at least three months prior to the proposed starting date.  In most cases new programs will operate without school department funding for a trial year.

The School Committee may impose conditions that must be met for the program to be funded in the second and subsequent years.


Adopted:  6/17/14