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H302 - Curriculum Development

Policy H302: Curriculum Development and Adoption

For the purpose of this policy “curriculum” means the Hancock School Department’s written document that sets forth the learning expectations for all students for all content areas of Maine’s system of Learning Results, as well as for other content areas as specified by the Hancock School Committee.  The curriculum shall reflect continuous, sequential and specific instruction aligned with the content areas of the Learning Results.

The School Committee recognizes that curriculum development, review and evaluation is an ongoing process, and that programs and practices may need to be adjusted or revised to meet educational standards and to serve the best interests of students and the community.


A.   The School Committee expects the administration and staff to be sensitive to changing conditions that may require modifications in curriculum.

B.    The School Committee expects all programs to be subject to ongoing review and evaluation to ensure that they meet the instructional needs of students.

C.    The School Committee expects the school system to undertake intensive curriculum revision as needed.

D.   The Superintendent is expected to lead the ongoing curriculum development and review process, and in aligning curriculum with educational standards and with advances in knowledge, educational research and “best practices.”

E.    The School Committee expects that curriculum development and revision will be achieved with appropriate involvement of administrators, instructional and support staff, students, parents, community and the School Committee.

F.    The School Committee shall review and adopt all curriculum guides, course descriptions and courses of study prior to their implementation.

The Superintendent is expected to develop plans and timelines as necessary for the development, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum and to provide the School Committee with an annual report on the status of the curriculum.

The Superintendent is expected to make recommendations concerning professional development, instructional materials and resources needed for curriculum implementation, consistent with School Committee policy.


Adopted:  4/29/14