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H404 - Professional Development Staff Opportunities

Policy H404: Professional Staff Development Opportunities

The Hancock School Committee recognizes the importance of developing, maintaining, and extending the skills of staff members and encourages employees to engage in programs and activities that will lead to their professional growth and increased competence.

The Superintendent is authorized to initiate programs and activities that are designed to serve the following purposes:

A.   To provide a structure through which staff members can stay abreast of new developments in their areas of specialty;

B.    To familiarize staff members with new research and innovative teaching methods;

C.    To assist staff members in the process of change and school improvement; and

D.   To facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of new programs.

Within budgetary limitations, visitations and attendance at conferences may be approved by the Superintendent in accordance with School Committee policy.


Adopted:  3/19/14