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H411 - Hiring Professional Staff

Policy H411: Hiring Professional Staff

Through its employment policies, the Hancock School Committee intends to attract, secure and hold the highest qualified personnel for all professional positions.  The hiring process shall be designed to select candidates who will devote themselves to the education and welfare of the children attending our public schools.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent and Principal to determine the personnel needs of the Hancock School Department and to locate suitable candidates to recommend to the School Committee for employment.  Through effective administrative procedures, the Superintendent shall recruit and recommend to the School Committee the employment and retention of personnel who are the best match for the needs of our students and school.

It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to see that persons nominated for employment in the schools shall meet all certification requirements and the requirements of the School Committee for the position for which the nomination is made.

The following guidelines shall be used in the selection of personnel:

A.   There shall be no illegal discrimination in the hiring process.

B.    Interviewing and selection procedures shall assure that the Principal has the opportunity to aid in the selection of any staff member who will work at Hancock Grammar School.

C.    No candidate shall be hired without a personal interview.

D.   All candidates shall be considered on the basis of their merits, qualifications and the needs of the school; and

E.    While the School Committee may accept or reject a nomination, an approval shall be valid only if made with the recommendation of the Superintendent.  In the case of a rejection, it is the duty of the Superintendent to make another nomination.


Adopted:  3/19/14