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H413 - Substitute Teachers

Policy H413: Substitute Teachers

The Hancock School Committee employs substitute teachers to serve on a day-to-day basis to fill short-term classroom teaching or instructional vacancies.


A.   All substitute teachers shall be approved by the Maine Department of Education.  Substitutes who are otherwise qualified shall not be employed more than twenty school days prior to receipt of state approval.

B.    Certified teachers may substitute outside the scope of their certification for not more than 90 teaching days in any one teaching assignment.

C.    Persons having two or more years of college preparation may serve as substitute teachers for not more than 60 teaching days in any one teaching assignment.

D.   Only in cases of emergency may a person with less than two years of college preparation who has graduated from high school serve as a substitute teacher, and such assignment shall not exceed 10 teaching days.

E.    Teaching days shall include consecutive and non-consecutive days in the same teaching assignment during a school year.


Any variations to the following amount paid to substitute teachers require approval of the School Committee.

      Daily Substitutes:

$75/day             holding a Bachelor’s degree

$65/day             without a Bachelor’s degree

            Long Term Substitutes:  must be a certified teacher

                        Paid as a daily substitute for 19 days in the same position

B-0 daily rate            starting on the 20th consecutive day in the same position

Superintendent may move a certified long-term substitute to the B-0 daily rate on the 11th consecutive day based on conditions such as emergency nature of teacher absence.


Adopted:  5/7/14