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H418 - Supervision and Evaluation of Hourly Employees

Policy H418: Supervision and Evaluation of Hourly Employees

It is the intent of the Hancock School Committee to ensure sufficient administrative supervision (observation and assistance) and evaluation (measurement and assessment) of all hourly employees.  The evaluation process shall address aspects of performance that are common to all hourly employees as well as aspects specific to job descriptions.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for development, implementation and periodic review of the process for supervision and evaluation, including standards and forms for the number and frequency of formal performance reviews, with the understanding newly hired employees require closer support and more frequent performance reviews.

A.    Evaluations shall be conducted by the Hancock Grammar School Principal;

B.    The employee being evaluated shall have the right to attach a memorandum to the written                                     evaluation; and

C.    Results of all evaluations shall be kept in confidential personnel files maintained at the                                     Superintendent’s Office.

While supervision and evaluation policies and procedures are not negotiable in collective bargaining, the Superintendent is to seek appropriate involvement of staff in the development and periodic review of the supervision and evaluation program.

            Continued, documented lack of improvement on goals identified in previous evaluations may lead to reassignment or dismissal.


Approved:  4/29/14