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H418P - Procedure: Evaluation of Hourly Employees

Procedures H418P: Evaluation Procedures forof Hourly EmployeesEmployees

1.     Purpose of Evaluation of Hourly Employees

a.     The purpose of evaluation of LamoineHancock School Department  hourly personnel is to ensure that a high standard of work is maintained across all classifications of personnel.  Specifically, the evaluation process ensures:

i.      Knowledge of the expectations of the position;

ii.     Consistency in the standards of work for all employees; and

iii.   Feedback to employees that recognizes accomplishment and allows for improvement.

b.     In addition, the evaluation process allows for an action plan when there is need and serves as the basis for employment decisions.

2.     Timeline:

a.     Newly hired employees will be evaluated before the end of the probationary period and at the end of the first year of employment with LamoineHancock School Department, if the probationary period is less than 12 months.

b.     Employees will be evaluated annually before the end of the year in the second and third years of employment.

c.     After the first three years of employment, employees will be evaluated every three years, unless the evaluator specifies on the evaluation form that more frequent evaluation is required. 

d.     If four or more items on the evaluation form are marked “the Principal determines that an employee “Needs Improvement” then evaluator the Principal prepares an Action Plan with timelines for improvement.  The Action Plan is signed by the employee, who is evaluated annually until the Action Plan is completed. 

e.     A schedule will be established to phase in evaluations as this new procedure is implemented.

3.     Procedures:

a.     The employee is provided with a job description that specifies who evaluates the employee.

b.     The Principal completes the evaluation form in accordance with the Timeline above.  If the employee works with a supervisor on a daily basis other than the Principal, this supervisor also completes an evaluation form and gives it to the Principal to incorporate into the final evaluation. 

c.     The employee is given a copy of the evaluation and offered the opportunity to meet to discuss it.

d.     The employee may write a statement about the evaluation, which will be attached to the evaluation when it is put in the personnel file.

e.     The employee and Principal sign the evaluation form.  The employee’s signature indicates that a copy has been received, not necessarily agreement with the evaluation.

f.      The signed evaluation with possible attachment is placed in the personnel file.

g.     This evaluation process does not preclude disciplinary action in accordance with contractsNegotiated Agreements.

Approved:  4/29/14