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H501 - Public Concerns and Complaints

Policy H501: Public Concerns and Complaints

Parents, students or other citizens with complaints or concerns regarding an employee of the Hancock School Department are encouraged to seek a resolution with the employee.  If the matter concerns any other aspect of the Hancock Grammar School, it should be addressed with the Principal.

If the matter cannot be resolved directly with the employee, the person initiating the complaint should discuss it with the Principal. 

If the matter cannot be resolved by the Principal, it may be appealed to the Superintendent. 

If the matter cannot be resolved by the Superintendent, it may be appealed to the School Committee.  To do this the person with the complaint should ask the Superintendent to place the matter on the agenda of the next regular School Committee meeting.  The School Committee Chair will determine whether the complaint should be placed on the agenda.

At all levels of the complaint process, the employee receiving the complaint is required to inform the person making the complaint of the right to appeal the decision to the next level.

This policy shall not be used by employees for matters or grievances relating to any term or condition of their employment.  Such matters shall be addressed through established channels for grievances.

If a citizen brings a complaint directly to a School Committee member, they shall be referred to the correct level in accordance with this policy.  The only exceptions are complaints that concern School Committee actions or operations.  Such complaints should be addressed to the School Committee Chair.


Adopted: 3/11/14