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H504 - Fundraising Activities

Policy H504: Fundraising Activities

This policy establishes guidelines for fundraising activities conducted by or for student organizations or events.  The Hancock School Committee has the responsibility to monitor, supervise, and control all fundraising activities when such activities are promoted in the name of a school program and involve students of Hancock Grammar School.  Employees who act as advisors for school-sponsored activities are directed to not organize, conduct, or involve students in fundraising activities on behalf of the programs they sponsor unless the fundraising activity has been approved in accordance with this policy.

In general, fundraising is the responsibility of the Principal, who will report to the School Committee annually through the Superintendent on all fundraising activities approved during the previous school year.

Fundraising activities that benefit students are grouped in the following categories:

1.     Student Organizations: Fundraising is being conducted by and for a student organization that has been approved by the School Committee, with an advisor who is under contract with the School Committee.

2.     Support Organizations: Fundraising is being conducted by an external group of adults such as a parents’ organization or booster club for the purpose of providing supplementary funding for existing school-based student organizations.

Guidelines that are specific to these categories of organizations are as follows:

1.     Guidelines for Student Organizations

a.     Purchase orders to a company or vendor must be signed by the Principal.  The employee responsible for the activity must sign the packing slip and submit it to the Principal for payment. 

b.     The advisor will maintain a record including student name, quantity of items distributed by date, monies collected by date, and items returned by date.  Names of students withholding sale items or money must be reported to the principal. 

c.     Monies received from students must be turned in to the school office as they are collected for deposit into the account of the activity.  Receipts are provided to students for monies raised by the individual managing the school’s checking account.

d.     The advisor will provide the Principal with a summary report for each activity listing cost of items, total monies received, net profit, and intended use of monies raised.

e.     Fundraising by student organizations will be subject to the School Department audit.

2.     Support Organizations

a.     Monies raised must enhance a school program or offer an educational advantage for students.

b.     Fundraising must not interfere with School Committee governance of the team, activity or program.

c.     The organization must provide the Principal with proof of insurance.

d.     If a support organization wishes to use the School Department tax exempt number, the Superintendent must have signing authority on the account where monies are deposited, and the organization will be subject to the School Department audit.

e.     If a School Department employee is involved in the collection of funds, all monies must be turned over to a Support Organization member by the end of each day.

General Guidelines for all activities and organizations are as follows:

1.     All fundraising campaigns must adhere to Hancock School Department Fiscal Procedures, this policy and all other School Committee policies.

2.     Prior approval by the Principal is required for all fundraising activities.

3.     Fundraising activities must be designed to allow fair access to the trip or event for students who cannot afford to contribute personal funds. 

4.     All fundraising activities must be voluntary for students in the organization that benefits from the funds.  However, the cost of the activity for a student may be increased based on non-participation in a fundraising activity.

5.     Fundraising activities must be appropriate and serve the goals and objectives of the organization.

6.     Fundraising activities must be undertaken for a specific purpose, within a specific timeframe.

7.     All fundraising activities must benefit all members of the organization, with the exception that a smaller group may benefit if selected for championship participation.

8.     All fundraising activities must be conducted in a manner that does not disrupt the educational environment.

9.     The School Department will not advance funds or make loans to any organization for any project, event, activity, or purchase of equipment.

10.  In no instance should Hancock School Department employees deposit fundraising monies in personal bank accounts.

11.  Fundraising for a trip with an overnight stay must receive prior approval for the trip from the School Committee.


Adopted:   6/17/14