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H522 - Community Use of Facilities

Policy H522: Community Use of School Facilities

It is the desire of the Hancock School Committee that the local taxpayers who provide for the Hancock Grammar School should be able to obtain maximum use of the facilities, to the extent consistent with the primary educational function of the school.  It is intended that community uses for educational, recreational, social, civic, philanthropic and like purposes be approved by the administration, in accordance with this policy, the implementing regulations, and a fee schedule approved annually by this School Committee.  For the purpose of this policy, “school facilities” include the Hancock Grammar School and its grounds, parking lots, playing fields and fixed equipment.

The Superintendent is responsible for developing administrative regulations which provide for:  timely applications; uses which do not interfere with educational or extracurricular programs of the Hancock Grammar School students; preference to local, not-for-profit organizations; and the acceptance of appropriate responsibility and liability.

These factors are to further guide community use:

A.   A certificate of insurance shall be required as appropriate to the particular use;

B.    No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto school property at any time;

C.    Tobacco use shall not be allowed on school property at any time;

D.   School facilities may not be used for any illegal purposes;

E.    Hancock adults and children are free to use outdoor grounds and facilities for recreation whenever not otherwise scheduled.  However, formal approval of buildings and grounds use will only be granted to recognized organizations and groups;

F.    Any approval of the use of school facilities is to require the signing of a Facility Use Agreement setting forth the conditions of use;

G.   Application for use is to be made through the Principal, with final approval determined by the Superintendent; and

H.   Repeat use may be denied to any group which has not demonstrated appropriate conduct and care.

Facility use may be granted without rental charge, as follows:

A.   Not-for-profit educational, recreational, cultural and fraternal organizations having a significant number of members who are community residents;

B.    Not-for-profit groups which present programs that are designed to be educationally, recreationally or culturally beneficial to local citizens; and

C.    Municipal-sponsored groups and organizations.

Other groups shall pay rent (in advance) on a multi-increment scale which reflects highest amounts for groups engaging in a profit-making enterprise on school grounds.

The following may be requested of any group:

A.   Reimbursement for incidental expenses (utilities, etc.);

B.    A deposit with the application, refundable after leaving the facility in satisfactory condition;

C.    Reimbursement for property damage and any cleaning and repair costs;

D.   Reimbursement for custodian or other staff costs when necessary to the use of the facility; and

E.    Fees for rental of equipment.


Adopted: 3/11/14