Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)


  • Act Safely
  • Stay within school boundaries
  • Respect others’ personal space
  • Respect school and other property
  • Act appropriately with language and clothing

General school rules prohibit gum chewing at school, running in school, bringing electronic devices, toys, collectible items, skateboards, and wearing hats in the building. Students are to comply with teacher requests regarding school rules.


At HGS, we have employed a program of recognizing positive behavior, believing that it is an effective practice to promoting student self-discipline and behavior management. Known as PBIS, our program has several factors:

  1. We work to recognize the positive behaviors students exhibit
  2. We have three central themes - Respect, Responsibility, and Teamwork
  3. In each educational situation, whether it be PE class or recess, homeroom or the bus, there are behavior expectations that fall into respect, responsibility and teamwork, outlined in our behavior matrix.
  4. We teach students what the behavior expectations are
  5. We reward positive behaviors with either a “Yellow Brick” or a “Ticket”
    1. Yellow Bricks - students can be recognized for going above and beyond behavioral norms with a staff-sponsored yellow brick. When students receive a yellow brick, their names are announced at the end of the school day, they receive a PBIS pencil, and get to board the buses first for dismissal. Their brick is proudly displayed in the corridors of the school.
    2. Tickets are given by staff for meeting the behavior expectations in our behavior matrix. Teachers may choose to recognize any behavior on any given day, for individuals or whole groups of students. Students accumulate tickets, and are able to “spend” them at our PBIS store, open in the mornings. Additionally, turning in 10 tickets earns a brick for “repeatedly meeting the behavior expectations of Hancock Grammar School.”
  6. Additionally, there may be opportunities for students to participate in “merit” activities. While middle school students are on the merit/demerit system, we have occasionally opened up the merit activities to include other grade levels.



We encourage students in our elementary grades to follow the model of “Taking Care of Y-E-S - Yourself, Each other, and the School”

That includes:

  • Keeping track of personal belongings
  • Keeping organized
  • Showing respect by following the rules and directions
  • Being a positive role model for classmates and younger students
  • Coming to school on time
  • Being prepared and willing to learn
  • Listening to the teacher and asking for help
  • Communicating with parents and staff


As a school we will:

  • Have parent-teacher communication to discuss issues and provide information
  • Offer information via newsletters, calendars, and our website
  • Provide links to community events and programs
  • Keep parents informed of student achievement and difficulties above and beyond trimester reports
  • Provide students with appropriate educational experiences aligned with Common Core Standards, Maine Learning Results, and RSU curriculum guidelines
  • Recognize and reward positive behaviors
  • Manage negative behaviors in a supportive, educational manner
  • Model learning and enthusiasm for learning for our students


We ask that students’ families:

  • Present a positive and supportive attitude towards teachers and school in the presence of children
  • Provide a consistent sleep schedule and a well-balanced diet
  • Allow for ample time to prepare for and arrive to school on time
  • Encourage a daily homework routine and provide a quiet, comfortable place to study
  • Supervise television viewing choices
  • Supplement classroom learning with trips to the library, museums, hikes, etc.
  • Attend school functions as much as possible to support your child’s work and our programs