Hancock Grammar School has a dedicated staff of caring professionals.  
We are proud to educate and care for students from Hancock and surrounding communities.  

Our staff members are:

Michael Benjamin - Principal
Valerie Dyer- Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Hanf - Kindergarten
Megan Smith - Kindergarten
Ellen Sprague - 1st Grade
Brooke Stacey - 1st Grade
Renee Clark - 2nd Grade
Laura Bryant - 3rd Grade
Valerie Sprague - 4th Grade
Michael Nickerson - 5th Grade
Colleen Burton - 5th Grade
Colleen Thomas - 6-8 Social Studies
Larry Cassis - 6-8 Science
Samantha Boothby - 6-8 Math
Megan MacDonald - 6-8 English Language Arts
Jennifer Farnham - K-4 Special Education
Coley Stetler - 5-8 Special Education
Kim Staples - Title I/Reading Recovery
Elijah Miller - Speech and Language
Wanda Gatcomb - Gifted and Talented/Math Interventionist
Jane Snider - Art/Tech. Integrator
Seth Briggs - Music
Marci Larson - Physical Education
Megan Snow - Guidance
Molly Shields - Literacy Interventionist
Lisa F. Johnston - Food Service Director
Nelle Stratton - Food Service
Sharon Gavin - Custodian
Tony Lunedei - Custodian
Dan Rayner - Library 
Timothy Hilton - Technology Director

Central Office and other programs:

Katrina Kane - Superintendent and Curriculum Coordinator
Adam Rabasca - Special Education Director
Robin Clark - Superintendent & Special Ed. Directors Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Heller - Business Manager/Human Resources
Cathy O'Halloran - Payroll/Benefits
Monica Cease -  Accounts Payable/Receivable

Central Office Phone: (207) 664-7199 x302