Fidget spinner update

Post date: Jun 2, 2017 3:20:46 PM

As many parents know, fidget spinners are the latest craze. Some of them light up when the student spins them. Many of our students have them at school. However, the fidgets are becoming a problem. The fidgets were marketed as a way to help some students to focus. But now, the fidgets have rapidly turned into a classroom disturbance, not only for the student playing with them (as a toy) but the other students in the class.

So, if the classroom teacher allows a time for toys, that would be the time for students to use them. If they don't allow that time, the fidgets should be in a backpack or locker. (The fidgets are not allowed to be used on the buses.)

If you have any questions, please call me, Mike Benjamin @422-6231.