Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Positive Behavior Intervention Support System (PBIS)

At HGS, it is our goal to always celebrate and recognize students’ positive behaviors. We have learned from research and experience that this is an effective practice to promote student self-discipline and positive behaviors. Known as PBIS, our program has several factors:

  • We work to recognize the positive behaviors students exhibit

  • We have three core values: Respect, Responsibility, and Teamwork

  • We have behavioral expectations for all the settings in our school

  • We spend time teaching, practicing, and conferencing with students about the expected behaviors

As a staff we are committed to frequently acknowledging and rewarding students' positive behaviors through the following means:

  1. "Honeys" Each morning all staff members have a pocketful of “honeys,” small hexagon-shaped tiles cut from yellow card stock. These are used to acknowledge and provide specific feedback to students when we see them demonstrating positive behaviors throughout the day. Students will use their "honeys" in their homeroom to help their class reach their classroom goals.

  2. "Shout Outs." Students also have an opportunity to be appreciated and celebrated for going above and beyond behavioral norms through our "Shout Out" program. How it works: All staff and students are invited to notice when another student or a staff member have been doing a fabulous job or have helped someone in a significant way. Students will write down the details of their appreciation on a “Shout Out” slip, show it to a staff member who will then attach the slip to our wonderful board in the school lobby. Each day students and staff will be recognized for their shout out during announcements.

  3. "Hancock Hero" Every week members of our school community can nominate a Hancock Hero. To be selected as a Hancock Hero, students must have been a true stand-out in terms of effort, growth, friendship, responsibility, respect and/or teamwork. Every Friday, a new Hancock Hero will be announced and these heroes will be celebrated in the newsletter and will also receive a certificate of achievement.