Discipline Policies

Discipline Policies for Students:

Anytime a large group of people come together to do productive work, rules and behavior expectations are necessary to govern a safe, orderly and respectful environment. Here at HGS we have established the following expectations for students:

1. Be courteous to fellow students, staff and visitors.

2. Respect the rights and privileges of other students and school staff.

3. Obey all School Committee policies and school rules governing student conduct.

4. Follow directions from school staff.

5. Cooperate with staff in maintaining school safety, order and discipline.

6. Attend school regularly.

7. Meet school standards for grooming and dress.

8. Respect the property of others, including school property and facilities.

9. Refrain from cheating or plagiarizing the work of others.

10. Refrain from vulgarity, profanity, obscenity, lewdness, and indecency.

In all HGS classrooms, teachers work with students to develop behavioral expectations and management incentives that align with our school-wide behavior expectations. These are intentionally designed collaboratively with students to help them develop valuable study skills and habits of mind that will assist them in their formal schooling today and into the future. Truly, students have much to learn in terms of content area knowledge and skills during their time with us. But students also have a great deal to learn in the areas of collaboration, cooperation, and working productively as a team. At the root, our behavioral expectations and discipline ladder have the scope of all these lessons in mind. We strive to support students throughout all of these lessons as they learn to comply with our school’s behavior expectations. When students make mistakes that fall short of our HGS behavior expectations they can expect consequences. All schools develop a system of consequences as a natural part of keeping order. Disciplinary consequences depend upon the seriousness of the violation and the student’s prior disciplinary record.

Consequences will range from a corrective discussion for minor misconduct up to and including expulsion for the most serious offenses. Behavior that violates the law will be referred to law enforcement authorities.